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A word from the artist

"In his painting, Munch wanted to represent a deafening scream that he heard one evening while he was walking with two of his friends. Given the indifference of these companions, he understood that he had heard this scream inside himself. The title of this painting therefore refers not to what the character does but to what he hears. The dominant red color in the sky is said to be the result of a volcanic eruption whose ashes poured into the sky would be the cause of glowing sunsets. The painter made five versions of this painting. The one I was inspired by was painted on cardboard and I used the same support for the background. The whole is set on two pieces of planking that recall the structure of the bridge on which the three characters are walking."

Tribute to Edvard Munch

  • Technical details


        Glazed ceramic, acrylic paint, paper, cardboard, bakelised multiplex, wood

       46 x 34 x 28.5 cm

  • Specificities

    Unique artwork

    Hand-signed by the artist

    With certificate of authenticity

  • Included in the price

    Custom-made base

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