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A word from the artist

"Van Gogh felt that the night was more vivid and colorful than the day. One finds all this strength in this painting where the forms dance and where the colors are brilliant.

For the realization of the sculpture, the major challenge was the design of the base. Indeed, in Van Gogh's painting, the cypress tree in the foreground is not in direct connection with the rest of the canvas. This distance between the elements gives depth to the painting but also refers to the depth of the night. I wanted to preserve this distance by imagining a base where the tree would be in a separate location from the rest of the sculpture. I assure you that my idea gave the craftsman in charge of its realization a lot of trouble! I wish to thank him."

Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh

  • Technical details


    Ceramic, acrylic paint, paper, bakelised multiplex

    25 x 33 x 24 cm

  • Specificities

    Unique sculpture

    Hand-signed by the artist

    With certificate of authenticity

  • Included in the price

    Custom-made base

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