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A word from the artist

"I associate this television with the 1990s, the decade of my adolescence and for which I feel a lot of nostalgia. I think this TV is sad because no one watches it anymore since it was replaced by a flat screen TV. Its tears have the primary colors of light - green, red, blue - of which the pixels are composed. At the time, you could see these little squares if you got close enough to a screen and you could see that all the shades were actually a mixture of these three primary colors. Today, slowly but surely, the television is getting empty and a page is turned."


  • Technical details


    Ceramic, acrylic paint, television

    50 x 61 x 56 cm

  • Specificities

    Unique sculpture

    Hand-signed by the artist

    With certificate of authenticity

  • Included in the price

    Custom-made base

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